Aligning Hrm Strategy with Business Strategy

In recent times the traditional personnel management has relabelled to HRM.   The main activities HRM focused on were recruitment, training, staff, career planning and development, compensation and labour relations as stated by (Alvesson, M, 2009).   For HR professionals to operate strategically it was a requirement for all levels to have experience in the behavioural competencies.   As a result the strategic HRM obtained core competencies that are unique to the organization to achieve distinct competitive advantage.
The HRM strategies are defined as how the employment relationship of employee can be managed and will allow the organization to realize its goals.   On the other hand business strategy is defined by (Roa & Krishna, 2015: p. 667) as planned deployment of all resources to attain objectives. Also, business strategy is an action plan that designs, implement and monitor the course in order to achieve the desire goals.
The HRM practice refers to activities performed to manage the human capital and making sure that all managing of persons and work are only part of the elements that are necessary for the success of the organization.   However, HRM strategy is not sufficient on its own for the continuity of the organization.   To achieve the goals of the organization HRM must have the ‘best practice’ or the ‘best fit’.   According to (Roa & Krishna, 2015: p. 668) ‘best fit’ is all human resources and activities deployed as planned by the organization.   The other advocates mentioned by (Boxall & Purcell, 2011) of the ‘best practice’ argued that improved performance can be seen by all the organizations that implement best practices.   However, with ‘best practice’ may be easier for the competitor to imitate even though it can lead to good organizational outcome.
The continuity of any organization is the most strategic problem it faces.   For the success the organization can make some choices that involved the key aspect of the business such as finance, production,...