Aligned Jaws and Composure

Aligned Jaws and composure –

I remember that until the age of 14 or so, I had the habit of holding my lower jaws backward and intact my back teeth tightly to my upper back-teeth. During this time, I was fast, full of activity in my life, I had immense energy. I was all over the place, mentally and physically. Despite the immense energy, I was not able to hold my bodily and spiritual composure together. Precisely because I had too much erratic energy and emotions. I had the reputation of amongst the house-parent as ‘uncouth’,’ jungali’, ‘rough’, ‘rugged’, and all sort of wild-man connotation under the sun attached to my name. I had countless fights with the boys at school for useless reasons; reason that made no sense; reasons that was often entirely my own fault. My attitude was bullish, bossy and dismissive. At the time, I had a little pang of epiphany that my mood, composure and emotion could be changed simply by straightening my jaw line, aligning my jaw together in a straight line.

Over the course of next two years, I made it a point to ensure that my jawline was aligned straight – upper and lower front teeth held together in balance (unlike the preceding years where I held the front line over the lower jaw line). I realised that there was a drastically positive change in my life achievement over the given situation that I was placed – the boarding school institute. I was able to comprehend my reading better, I was able to gain composure when communicating with all kinds of characters and still not be swayed by others manipulative talks, I was able to hold my body posture straight; and all of these led to me being noticed by the administrative staff as one of the rare special boy amongst thousands (a similar comment that headmaster, teachers, house parent and the boys all made in different explanation). I stood out because I was so well-composed within my own spirit and held strong comfort within my own skin. I became a prefect, I got a girlfriend (the...