Part of a group
      I believe that one of the most defining features of being a human is the constant need to want to be part of something. This is the basis for the popularity of sports and political parties. Humans want to be part of a group, but even more so, humans they do not want to leave that group. No one wants to be an outcast, however however these fears were uncalled for. Undoubtedly, most of the men who participated found the task repugnant and no one spoke of it afterwards, so those who chose not to participate faced no ridicule. The Einsantzgruppen was a group of Nazis not on the battlefield, not fighting, or not working the death camps, but they were behind the scenes workers who were being part of the movement in whatever way they could be. People joined in these mass murders because they saw other people who were already partaking in the actions and thought maybe, "hey if they're doing it I could do it too.” In addition, I think   that since the majority of the people were doing it, others thought that they would maybe feel left out to an extent if they did not join in themselves. Another thing running through their minds could be the fact that if they do not join in with the killings of the Jews, whose to say that because of this they won't be next.Alcohol Term Paper

“For every family that is impacted by drugs, there are another 10 to 15 families impacted by alcohol abuse. It's a pretty big deal. We have a tendency to only look at part of the puzzle.” (Kevin Lewis). As a society we tend to categorize the severity of addiction in a way that drugs are the most dangerous and alcohol being just a problem. Because alcohol addiction can be a slow progressive disease many people don’t see it in the same light as drug addiction. An addiction to drugs is seen as being a more deadly and dangerous issue then that of alcohol because a drug addiction can happen more quickly and can kill more quickly. Alcohol is something that is easy to obtain, something...