Running Account Authority Letter


The Welcome Desk
Asit C Mehta Investment Interrmediates Limited,
1st Floor, “Nucleus House”, Saki Vihar Road,
Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 072. INDIA.

Dear Sir,

I/we refer to my/our broking account with you for transaction on the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. and the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. in Capital Market/Cash and Derivative/Futures & Options segments. I/we understand the transaction confirmations, contracts/bills, etc. would be processed Exchange wise Segment wise. However for the ease of fund movement, I/we would request you to maintain a single financial account on running account basis in your books for both the exchanges and both the segments. This would facilitate easy fund movement and avoid any delay in payment to/ from us. This would also lead to better reconciliation and convenience. I/we also request you to hold back our purchase delivery in the unlikely event of continuing debit in my/our trading and/or demat account.

I/we also request you to retain our pay out if any, beyond statutory time limit as may be applicable from time to time to be adjusted against future debits unless otherwise specified in writing by us. In specific cases, I/we would also instruct you (either orally/in writing through electronic means or else) to hold back my/our deliveries purchase in your pool account for our intended sale. I/We may revoke this authority at any time by a written notice of not less than 15 days to that effect. I/We undertake to renew this authority letter every year.

I opt for monthly/quarterly settlement of funds and securities.

Trust the above arrangement is convenient to both of us for our operational efficiency.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

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