Ais Thailand - Strategic Management

AIS - Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited:

  1.   Vision/Mission Statement

  2.   External Audit (EFE/CPM)

  3.   Internal Audit (IFE)

  4. AIS - Final Word

  5. References

  1. Vision & Mission Statement:

AIS will lead and shape the multi-media communications market in Thailand through innovation, customer experience, technology and people & culture.

“With our superior network, dedicated service quality, and continuous innovation, AIS is confident to cater whatever technology the future presents. We will make every possible effort to quickly bring the technology to the customers. AIS will always be a leader to “Bring You the New Era”.”

  2. External Audit:

    1. External Factors & External Factor Evaluation Matrix (EFE-Matrix):

          1. – Thailand Telecommunication Background, summarized


          2. – EFE-Matrix



          3. – Support –EFE (Opportunities/Threats: political, economical, social and technological)

Opportunities - Political, Economical, Social, and Technological:

Nr.1 - Development and affordability (decreasing prices) of smart mobile phones (e.g. broadband compatible, social networking, etc.) –

      No additional support necessary…

Nr.2 - Value Added Service Provider market growth (parallel to the development of smart phones and changing society…) –

      No additional support necessary…

Nr.3 - Global and domestic economic recovery -



Nr.4 - Barriers of entry - Fact is that only three organizations (AIS, DTAC, and TrueMove), each with well-established brand image, share the majority of Thailand’s wireless telecommunication market. Further, the slow development of regulatory bodies, creeping implementation of new technologies (especially in the ICT-sector), and political instability and uncertainty, leaves the country unattractive and “too expensive” for new foreign investment or small companies.

Nr.5 - New Customer...