Airlines Consumers

1.2 The consumers in airlines market

The best airlines will always attract more potential consumer. In this report will be analyzing four type of consumer that are seasonal consumer, discount-driven consumer, loyal consumer, and impulsive consumer which are the main consumer for two main airlines.
Figure: Two main loyalty program: Enrich and BIG loyalty members card
(Source: Malaysia and AirAsia Airlines)

Loyal consumer is a small group of consumer who are loyal to a brand or company that having capability on improving brand market by re-purchase.   In order to gain customer loyalty, improving existing product and services, and giving reward to increase customer satisfaction. MAB offer their guests in loyalty program which known as Enrich, enrich members will earn enrich miles by purchase tickets, and able to redeem their rewards like excess baggage by using enrich miles. For instance, gold and platinum enrich member are able to enjoy the facilities like Gold lounges and every passengers will able to get privileges and preferential and promotion treatment. AirAsia also have offer BIG loyalty program for their customer who able to purchase in last minutes with credit in BIG member card without any extra charges. Besides that, AirAsia also introducing reward programs by giving out the free ticket or holiday vouches to their customer. However, when consumer purchase online, AirAsia had clearly state the fares is no include meal and luggage, by using this, AirAsia do not promise on their service and managed to customer’s expectation as low as possible. Besides that, AirAsia using a tactic where the early bird will get more cheap ticket than the second mouse.

Figure: “Balik Kampung” Promotion (Source: Malaysia Airlines)

Seasonal consumer is one of the potential which target by both firms. Seasonal consumers are known to purchase the goods or service on seasonal timescales without question but only at certain period when they need it. Mostly AirAsia...