Airbrush Design for Nails

Ewa Krzos
Level 3 Diploma in Nail Treatments (QCF)

Unit 841 Airbrush Design For Nails

Airbrush nail art design plan
A process that is becoming very popular among technicians and their clients. Unlike basic nail art, this requires relatively costly equipment and, more importantly, plenty of investment in time for practice. Like artificial nail skills, it tends to look very easy in the hands of expert, but in reality takes fair bit of skill.
In the US, airbrushing is rapidly overtaking traditional nail polishing and, believe or not, some salons no longer offer nail polish as a free service. And of course, the more services your salon offers, the more valuable you are to your clientele. Airbrushing is now one of the fastest-growing nail services. It cannot only create the most amazing designs, but can take the place of traditional nail painting as colour is applied to the nails in such a short space of time.
Airbrushed artwork is a professional skill, which requires specialised techniques and methods of application. There are many products available on the market and time should be taken to find the right package of equipment. Training courses are essential for this skill as nothing can take place of practical instruction.

Tiger print airbrush nail art design plan and step by step
Prepare you nail for best results.
Nail art can only be as good as the preparation of the nail. The application of airbrush technique is possible on acrylics or gel nails or on reinforced natural nails. The surface must thoroughly cleaned, clean and dry. A self-adhesive skin protection template around the nail protects the finger. The first nail to be sprayed is the thumb. After setting the compressor pressure 1.5 to 2 bar, the application of the airbrush colours can begin. The distance to the nail should be approximately 4-5 cm.

Step 1
Prepare tiger stripe stencil
Step 2
For best results start with painting the nail white. The white...