Air Traffic Control Equipment Market to Represent Us$4.1 Bn Opportunity Globally by 2019 with Infrastructure Development at Airports

While recent breakthroughs in communication technologies have helped boost the market for ATC systems, there are still a few challenges that the market will have to contend with. The capital-intensive nature of ATC systems is one such challenge. However, the impact of this restraint will likely not be as severe considering that air travel infrastructure is expanding steadily worldwide, especially so in developing countries. While the demand for ATC equipment will essentially be for setting up new infrastructure in developing countries, demand in developed countries will be centered on upgrading or expanding existing ATC systems.

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Moreover, the introduction of satellite-based navigation air traffic controllers is an opportunity that can be effectively monetized by companies in the market. With radars not performing at par with expectations because of some of their inherent drawbacks, more money will be invested in satellites with advanced computing capabilities and sensing abilities.The report studies the global air traffic control equipment market based on type of equipment, end user, and geography. Equipment types analyzed in the report are: Navigation equipment, communications equipment, and surveillance equipment. The share of communications equipment was highest in 2012, and this will likely remain so through the forecast period of the present report with new digital links being introduced and new communications frontiers being crossed.

Likewise, the end-users of air traffic control equipment are segmented as commercial aircraft, military aircraft, and private aircraft. The report states that in 2012, commercial aircraft represented the largest share because of a progressive increase in commercial air travel.From the regional perspective, the report studies the following markets: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific,...