Aims of Education

Assessment of pupils learning
The learning intentions for the lesson were that the students could independently drill two 3mm holes using the pillar drill and that they could also write and articulate at least five safety rules while using the pillar drill.
During the lesson we recapped on the last lesson and went over the safety rules and procedures of using the pillar drill through watching the power point and encouraging discussions about various information on the screen.   During the lesson most of the student where able to complete the hole drilling activity, however there were some students, who due to time were not able to complete that activity.   I was able to verify the learning intention from the completed work sheets and from participating in the tasks.   Students who did not get a chance to complete the work sheets as they were still filing or sanding work were able to articulate the safety rules and procedures during discussion times.   The learning intentions were appropriate for the all the students however due to the number of students and the need to drill two holes each, plus the need to be aware of safety as they were aiming to complete the drilling task independently, there was not enough time for all the students to complete that task however they will have the opportunity during the next lesson.
Evaluation of my teaching
The lesson went well today as I feel that I was better prepared as I have all the resources out and ready to use.   The power point was better laid out with less written information from the last lesson.   The students were able to participate in discussions, which were initiated from the information on the power point slides.   The students were engaged at all times and understood all the tasks that were to be met.   When some students lost focus and started having loud discussions about unrelated T&D topics, I stopped the whole class and reinforced to need to listen and focus on the tasks of the lesson.   I did...