Kobe City
    Kobe is the sixth-largest city in Japan and the capital city of Hyogo Prefecture. Kobe has three main places. “Sannnomiya” “Chinatown” “Harbor Land”.
    At first Sannomiya is a part of main place in Kobe. This place is a district of Kobe. It is the biggest downtown area in the city. Sannomiya has many transportation systems in Kobe. JR West, Hankyu Railway, Hanshin Electric Railway, Kobe Municipal Subway, and Kobe New Transit use Sannomiya Station as their core station in the area. Many people use those stations and Sannomiya has much branch office, business office and no-frills hotel because of this place is easy to access to Sanyo Shinkansen and Kobe airport. Also Sannomiya has two big events. One is in June, Kobe festival holds on the main street. It is the biggest festival in the city. Next is in December, Kobe Luminarie hold from the first ten days of a month through the middle ten days of month since 1995. In the event, the place is brightly illumination. It is very beautiful and amazing. But, atmosphere is sometimes dark because this event is memorial service of great Hanshin earthquake. Then this place has shopping center, concert hall, Movie Theater, live house. So, many tourists visit it.
    Secondly, Chinatown is only the Chinese quarter place in Kobe. This place’s Chinese sell several ethnicfood for example, Nikuman, Manju, Chinese tea, Ramen. It is almost delicious and cheap. I found delicious and cheap shop. We can buy Nikuman to 90 yen on this shop. But, some of shops aren’t delicious food and too expensive in Chinatown. This place is bustling with activity all the time. Atmosphere is pleasure ambience. Most Chinese can speak Japanese and know Kobe’s geography and live Chinatown.
    Next, Harbor land is most famous place in Kobe. Harbor land has many famous building for example, Kobe port tower, Okura hotel, Mosaic, Amusement park, and so on. I think this place is very fashionable town because those building are very...