Agriculture Equipment Market Segments and Key Trends 2015-2025

Agriculture equipment are the machine tools used in the various stage of agriculture such as harvesting, planting, threshing and agro processing. Agriculture equipment are replacing traditional tools: for traditional practice in land development, tillage and seed bed preparation plough and blade harrow were used but current practice includes tractors, mould board plough and power tiller.

Agriculture Equipment Market: Drivers & Restraints

Growing population at faster pace is the main driver for agricultural equipment market as it spurs the need of food which aggressively demand for better equipment for agriculture. Though agriculture equipment help in the cultivation but farmers are in having financial issues to replace the old equipment with new machinery, which hindered the growth of the global agriculture equipment market. Asia Pacific is one of the major user of tractor.

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Agriculture Equipment Market: Segmentation  

On the basis of product type, agriculture Equipment market is broadly segmented as:
• Tractor
• Combine Harvester
• Thrasher
• Rotavator
• Self-Propelled Vertical Conveyer Reaper
• Zero Till Seed Drill
• Multi Crop Planter
• Power Tiller
• Laser Land Leveler
• Rice Transplanter
• Power Spray
• Power Weeder
• Drip Irrigation Equipment
• Sprinkler Irrigation Equipment

On the basis of process, the market is segmented into:

• Land Development, Tillage, Seed Bed Preparation
• Sowing & Planting
• Weed Inter Cultivation
• Plant Protection
• Harvesting & Threshing
• Post-Harvest & Agro Processing

Agriculture Equipment Market: Region – Wise Outlook

Asia – Pacific region is expected to dominate the market during the forecasted period aided by China and India the fastest growing agriculture equipment market. Growing population will increase the demand of food in these countries, which in return increase the demand of better...