Agricultural Sales Management System

Chapter 1


Background of the Project

The need of the computer technology nowadays is immeasurable in our fast moving and increasingly complex world and eventually helps us keep pace with the modern technology. At this point, the computer age is at its peak, it is a part of day-to-day life of every people especially in business sector. Many companies and agencies could not operate without computers.
Computer seems to be the most important in the business establishments aiming to cope with the increasing demands for efficiency, accuracy and high standard quality of work. Because of this, companies nowadays depend on computers. The business in the world have realized that with the help of modern equipment unnecessary procedures brought about by manual operations had been totally eliminated and the dilemma for manpower inefficiency and ability had been finally solved.
Most of the companies today are using computers in doing their inventory, billing, payroll system and other operating procedures. The days of voluminous manual operation are gone. Indeed, computer has a big role in bringing us closer to global competitiveness. Company uses internet connections in their business, some to save time, some to save money or even to cut on manpower. These three aspects do all by the Online Sales Management System that makes everything a lot easier, and increases sales. The speed and reliability of services are important aspects of sales management that will increase efficiency and accuracy in terms of sales and many other aspects of running a business. Sales Management refers to the control of maximizing helpful results a company or an agency and its customers receive from the efforts of its sales force. It is used to manage the sales of the company online for easier checking and distributing of stocks on different branches.
According to Alcantara (2013) Sales Management System is the information system used in marketing and sales management department....