Age Discrimination

Age discrimination has existed for a long period of time. The purpose of this essay is to examine the age discrimination issue in Singapore, and the scope of this essay will covers the issues and the group of people involved, why it is important for us to talk about it, and where we can start to fix the problem. All the results reported in the essay were obtained from the newspaper articles, internet as well as a self-driven survey.   (79 words)
Prejudice and Discrimination has resulted in unfair treatment among the older workers in the society. In this essay, I will be examining the reasons that led to age discrimination among the older workers in Singapore, how this had affected the society, and what the individuals and the society can do to reduce such discrimination.
The reason for choosing this particular area to talk about is because age discrimination is something that had existed for long time, and many older workers have always been out casted either by their employees or from job agencies once they hit certain age or when they are nearing their retirement age. As new generation will always be there to replace the older ones, thus older workers will always be faced with age discrimination, as the younger generation are more efficient and their pay is lower. Age discrimination have resulted in many older workers facing lack of jobs, unjustified layoffs and even forced retirements. Furthermore, age discrimination in Singapore is getting younger because, in the past, people in their 50s will still be employed, but with the change in the demographics of the workforce, it had resulted in workers having difficulties finding a job even in their 40s.
When people talked about the older workers in the society, some common stereotypes that we would hear would be: they are less productive, not good at technologies, unable to cope with physical demands, not efficient, high salaries demanders, cannot endure...