Against Nucklear Weapons (Debate Form)

“True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence.”- Franklin D. RooseveltNowadays, security is the top most priority for everybody. The newest models of cars have security alarms and people have personal security systems installed in their houses. All of this ensures safety and reduces the risk of treat and attack. Nowadays people are more carefree than they were before because of the advent of the latest technologies provides them with security, therefore a peace of mind. Simply by telling people they are safe isn’t considered protection. Security is immensely important to everyone in society, and if the nation does not enforce safety and protection, the nation will suffer negative physiological effects. The people need to know they are safe in order to feel safe. By taking away safety will not be enforced and the state of the nation would slowly deteriorate.
One thing that is common in every individual, is their sense of security. Safety is the main component of security. Without this element, the nation will not feel, nor will they ever be secure. Protection and safety are both vastly important to the nation and to the people of society.
-   Nuclear weapons deter attacks from other nation.
If the government were somehow able to eliminate nuclear weapons, the safety and security of the nations would be put at risk. Nuclear weapons provide an effective deterrence for large scale wars. Essentially in nuclear war this translates to Russia destroying all of our cities with the knowledge that we’ll reciprocate before we die. In the end when both Nations realize they cannot have victory without losing everything it creates this stalemate and we have the metaphorical bunker that saves us from Nuclear Armageddon: Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD). It is because of MAD that nuclear war is never a reality. In essence we can keep North Korea from blowing up Seoul and at the same time rest assured that Russia will never...