After All, Its Tradition!

After All, It's Tradition!
      Ho Ho Ho! Kiss me, I’m Irish! Trick or treat! Heart shaped chocolates, Christmas lights, fireworks crack and pop in the distance, and then it starts all over again. Holidays can be a happy time of year; it can be a day(s) of celebration, remembrance and most importantly, tradition. In modern American Society tradition is highly valued which reflects the tradition of holidays. Year after year holidays roll by, more follow right after them. But how often do we stop to recognize the full purpose of a holiday? More importantly, do people really know what they are celebrating? Tradition can be a wonderful thing, but it also can take away a sense of curiosity and interest. Society is brought up to celebrate certain traditional holidays and usually we do it without question. As a society we tend to fall into the social contract and fail to inquire as to why. With this in mind, American society should not celebrate certain holidays because they are not being celebrated for their authentic and original purpose. People should not celebrate these holidays because they are completely commercialized and over advertised. People are spending money to celebrate a holiday according to societal standards. Also these holidays are over-rated; meaning can be the cause of deviate, ill mannered behavior. Most holidays are celebrated with wine, beer or some form of alcohol. Perhaps tradition should be reconsidered.
      For many holidays they are simply not celebrated for their original purpose and origin. Easter is one of the top holidays that sell products that have absolutely no relation to the genuine meaning of Easter. Easter is about the resurrection of Christ from the dead after he hung on the cross to pay for the sins of man. The Easter bunny has absolutely nothing to do with the resurrection of Christ. Neither does decorating eggs to hunt them. It’s a good activity for children, but it should not be confused with what is advertised and what is...