African Well Water

Thousands of children die daily in Africa, due to poor living conditions, and because of limited to no access to a clean water supply. About a month ago I was sitting at home, so i decided to watch some documentaries. One that cought my interest was about major corporations that produce soft drinks, juices, etc.

    This documentary explain how these companies, such as Coca - Cola were producing their drinks in other countries, such as Columbia, and literally stripping the rights from their workers. The company began by telling the employee's that they were going to remove their union, and basically pay these employee's what they wanted, and make them work ridiculous amounts of hours as well. When the employee's tried to fight back, they were threatened and warned that they will begin to kill them. When a strike broke out, many people were injured, and some were even murdered. The employee's were forced out of their union, and had no choice but to stay, because there were no other available jobs, especially any with a union.

    It shocked me to see this unfold in front of my eyes, and this doesn't even effect me. I had no idea what else was in store for the rest of this documentary, I am merely just scratching the surface on these multi - billion dollar corporations.

    The next part of this documentary took place in Africa, where citizens of African communities were interviewed, and asked about where they get their water supply, and how often they have to look for one. It turned out that many Africans had to dig wells to search for water, and the people who were unlucky had to drink from flithy puddles. These people's children are constantly scourned in school, because these children do not have fresh water to stay clean and healthy, when their families don't even have a choice to get clean water.

    When some people were interviewed who had access to well water, they explained these horrifying incidents about how they would go...