African Technology Investment Priorities Mining 2014 Market Trends, Size, Share, Industry


In July to September 2014, Market Research Store surveyed 108 mine managers, maintenance managers, procurement managers and other key decision-makers in over 100 operating African mines. The survey primarily assessed heavy mobile equipment, however respondents were also asked about their practices and preferences in areas such as mining software, technology, and maintenance.

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Areas of analysis include:

Customer priorities for investments in the coming two years, into 12 areas of technology. These include machine automation, mine design software, environmental monitoring, fatigue management, and fleet management to name a few.
Focus on the responses that outline those who already have the technology on site and wanted to increase investments, and those who do not have the technology on site and want to begin investing.
In depth analysis of technology grouped into either mine management software or vehicle related technologies. With the two major technology categories analysed across a range of areas. Respondents are divided between the commodities they produce, with the main sectors being precious metals, base metals and coal mines. Also mine types are looked into, with respondents opting between having surface or underground mining operations.
Regional comparisons are made between respondents in both of these technology categories. South Africa is a world leader in mining and those respondents from the region are compared with the rest of Africa.

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Outlining the position companies have on utilizing autonomous vehicles in their operations from the coming 2 to 10 years. Insight into investments into this important area between particular commodities, regional comparison with South...