African Famine

The African famine is a world event that has been reoccurring throughout the history of Africa. The famine is caused by things such as war, drought, global warming and corrupt leaders. Recently the causes of famine have shifted with the outbreak HIV virus. With HIV killing thousands of famers each year it is affecting the output of valuable food making famine get worse.   Corrupt government is the main cause of the famine in Africa because of their poor spending of the relief money, lack of support for healthcare and education has only contributed to the spread of disease and hunger. With of the help of the entire international system there is still hope Africa can become a healthy and self sustainable country.

“The main practical difference between a food crisis and a famine is whether enough aid arrives to keep the starving alive.”(Smith) Six point two million people in Africa are suffering from hunger this year. Africa is not the only country to experience famines. Ireland had a very deadly famine in September of 1845 due to an airborne fungus that destroyed all of the potato crops. Another famous famine was the Bengal famine of the 1700’s, when the East India Trading company banned people from stockpiling food in order to have food to trade to make profits. When the winter came and the people had no food it caused over 30 million people died reducing the world population to one third of its size. The famine is not a new or recent event for Africa; they have been experiencing famines for over a quarter of a century. The African famine is caused by poor education, lack of healthcare and selfish leaders.   The issue that is new to Africans is the severity of the famine in addition to the HIV/AIDS virus. The devastating food crisis in Africa is the product of drought, disease and corrupt governments.  
With global warming affecting the rainfall crops are not growing. These are the crops that normally keep Africa in a food crisis and not a famine, but not this...