African Americans and Racism

HIS204: American History Since 1865
Ms. Johnson
January 31, 2011

When it comes to racism, the African Americans come to mind. African Americans have been through a lot, when it comes to racism. Being denied education, not being allowed to sit at the front of the bus, as well as being a slave. Race and race relations have been aspects of the American society since the colonial era. With the exception of a handful of countries, no other nation has dealt with the struggles of a multiracial society and has had to overcome the problems created in its nation’s past. As a result, race in America is a complex issue with many faces and race relations have become increasingly difficult to define.
The first thing I am going to talk about is the history of racism before black people were free. I’m going to talk about what slavery was and how it was related to racism. Slaves were people who were forced to work for no pay sometimes under harsh conditions. They came over here from the other side of the world often from places like Africa. Sometimes how they got there was very violent. They could be in one of their villages in Africa and all of a sudden these people would come and raid their village and kill anyone who tried to defend them selves. They would then take everyone and put them on a ship going to the U.S. The ships would be crowded and many of the slaves would die on the way there. There was barely any room for all of them to sit down. They weren’t allowed to come out on the deck so many of them got sea sick. There would be throw up, and waste product all over their cramped room where they ate and slept all day. After they landed in the U.S. the slaves were then sold to people or ranchers that wanted them for about $1000 then which would be equal to $25,000 now. Whole entire family’s would be split apart and sold to different people that would be in far away parts of America. After they were sold they were then put to work on the...