Africa's New Economy

Since the study is based around social networking, data collection and analysis will be based online and will be computerised. The technology supporting mobile phones and computers will be primary vehicle for gathering and analysis.
Online social networking is a new trend; it is aimed at people who are proficient using these tools and competent enough to provide answers to the questions being asked. Applying creative methods, such as setting up social networking group on Facebook where people could submit their views, answers and opinions. Moreover, using personal blogs and gathering peoples’ opinions through this medium will also be pursued.
Online questionnaires recording answers directly to the database will be created, enabling instant access to the data, reporting on it and analysing. Potential respondents will be approached by telephone, SMS, email or through social networking channels. Database of potential respondent is provided from business owners, their connections and existing customers.
These techniques will consume setup and development time at the initial stage of the research. However, the benefits of instant data access, customised reporting and database storage will outweigh the time spent on setting up these forms at later stages when analysing the data.
Minutes from conversations with stakeholders or staff will be recorded on paper or electronic form and fed into the system for further analysis.
To encourage high response rate from questionnaires, a prize will be drown amongst all the questionnaires and the winning person will receive £20 voucher to spent at one of the high street shops specialising in baby products. Other creative methods might be developed as the time progresses.
Research will be in a form of exploratory and descriptive. The reason for choosing exploratory research is its flexibility and adoption to change. Online social media in itself is fast moving phenomenon and this type of research suits best this subject. As...