Affordable Care Act

For years healthcare reform has been a hot topic for politicians everywhere.   Being that I personally am relatively healthy and have had health insurance 100% covered by my employer since I entered the workforce, I have never had much concern about the Affordable Care Act.   It was just a topic that I felt did not concern me at the time.   I saw it as an issue that I would face when the time came for me to be affected by it.   Like many aspects in life, many of us do not pay close attention to the things that do not personally affect us.   I guess one could say that I have taken the health insurance I have been lucky enough to have provided to me for granted. However thanks to this assignment, I have learned a great deal about what all the fuss is about.   I have learned how it could affect my future and loved ones today.

    • It is a known fact that healthcare in this country is expensive and the quality is not always great, to say the least.   Due to costly healthcare, many individuals do not go to doctors on a regular basis, if at all, nor do they take preventative measures to stay healthy.   Little do they realize that this causes a snowball effect.   Their minor health issues become problematic and need to be treated with more prescription drugs and doctors visits.   Ultimately this means the costs that they were under the impression they were saving, have now become more exorbitant.   This act gives people a more affordable means to take preventative measures, before their health deteriorates and becomes a miserable, unaffordable burden.
    • Unlike many reforms, this reform is not aimed at assisting exclusively the rich nor the poor.   If a person does not have health insurance provided to them, this reform exists to give them an affordable option.
    • This reform also allows children to be covered under their parent’s health plan until the age of 26.   These days many students not only strive for an Associates or a Bachelors degree.   It is beneficial to...