Affects of Drugs

The Community is a wide ranging of discipline which mostly requires a lot of knowledge about what’s goes on in a community. This is usually understood incorporate fashion because a lot goes on in a community this days. My thesis is “I remember to avoid first person. wonder why kids think it’s good to do drugs or sell them when they know it wrong in the first place. People believe   it’s cool to sell drugs because they see people with nice car and jewelry which make them think wow I can do the same thing as they does and be live like them. It’s a lot of people who don’t do drugs and   planned on keep it like that even though some of there family might be doing it which in their heart they feel its wrong. Everybody in the world should know drugs in danger it can leader to death or violence between gangs or people who sales drug in the world”.
I plan to support my thesis by looking at different view from each sides argument. Many kids are affected by drugs in school, the street, and their community everyday.   Also I plan to argue the fact that some kids choose to sell drug causes it give them change to be big in there neighborhood or city. Mostly in this essay the author will provide a lot of supporting details along with some supporting graph details comparing things like drugs users who preferred a smoking environment, and comparison to men and women who indicated that drug can change people life who use drugs.   I can address all my counter arguments by standing my ground by speak my mind, showing that my argument is irrefutable by emphasizing my stronger point on this subject.   I would suggest removing this paragraph. instead of telling readers what you will do in your essay, get right to the ideas and details.
Dependent use a lot of different drugs to finance their addiction in this world, which mostly of them things been illegal to have in the first place. Although there are many addicts who become avoiding in non-drug items such as food, clothing, housing or...