Affecting Change

Affecting Change
Joline Spencer
University of Phoenix Online
May 10, 2010
Marcela Panizo

Affecting Change
Smith & Falmouth (S&F), a mail order organization, recently began an online division called S&F online. The leaders of the organization felt that having an online operation would be critical to their growth for the next few years. It is the desire of S&F’s CEO, Irene Seagraves, to expand the online market and increase the division’s profitability. In order to move forward, Seagraves hired a new Chief Operation Officer (COO). The new COO has approximately nine months to complete their goals, while working with current leaders resisting the new leadership.
Ms. Spencer the new COO of the organization must develop a technique to overcome the resistance and increase the customer base without having a negative impact on the current culture. Ms. Spencer must have a great impact on the current leaders without alienating them and producing outcomes the opposite of the goals.
Restructuring Department to Improve Culture and Empower Employees
  Ms. Spencer the new Chief Operating Officer has worked with resistance in S&F and has developed an organizational profile to determine the culture of the current organization. It was determined that the groups worked closely together, but there was limited communication amongst the various teams. However, the project manager does have a great deal of influence over the current culture and therefore, Spencer determined that Argyle would be the best utilized partner to restructure the organization.
First, Spencer invited Argyle to meet and discussed the new open door policy that would allow the team to discuss concerns or questions. Spencer also, offered to take a variable salary based on the team’s performance and set very clear vision for the team.   These transformational and situational leadership tactics led to gaining the trust of the project manager and increased customers by 120%.
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