Aet Level 3 Unit 1 Task 2 3.1

U1 AC 3.1 Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals
Task 2
Complete the table below explaining the working relationship that exists between the teaching role and other professionals, as listed below, then think of other professionals that you come into contact with and explain the relationships.
Professional | Working Relationship |
Your line manager | The working relationship could vary according to the position and responsibilities held by my Line Manager.In most environments it will be normal to expect the line Manager to have experience and hold qualifications in a field related to your work so I could see my Line Manager acting as my coach and mentor, someone who will have responsibility for my professional and career development; the degree to which this would occur would depend on the individual Line Manager.He/she will be someone that I can go to for advice and counselling when required on an ad hoc basis and also, more formally, for appraisal meetings and discussions.I would also expect some assignments to help in the continual improvement of the organisation and my own development.If my Line Manager has responsibility for more than one Teacher then again I would expect group meetings to be facilitated by them in which we could share ideas and experiences for the betterment of the group. |
Your colleagues | I would form professional relationships with my colleagues and, without intruding or crossing any professional and personal boundaries, try to find out more about their personal teaching experiences so that I know who I could go to for advice. The same would apply to my ability to share my experiences with them.Staff meetings and development sessions would be a good vehicle to share knowledge and experience.I always try to help others and, so long as functional or professional boundaries were not compromised, I would always be willing to assist where I could. |
Your internal quality assurer | The teaching I am...