Aet Leve 3

Students will need to write essays relating to Group A, Group B, and Group C to help them demonstrate their competence as prospective teachers or trainers in the Further Education Sector.

Information is provided in this document to help them with the interpretation of the essay assignments. Interpretation of each essay assignment will vary depending upon the student and his or her own specific area of teaching. In general terms, this assessment process has been designed to help the student analyse key aspects of the subject and industry in which he or she will be teaching. Essays should reflect the student’s commitment to setting professional standards of teaching within his or her own industry (Security, Beauty, Management, Close Protection, Customer Service, Social Care, etc.)

Group A : Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training.

Group A:   essay assignments give students opportunities to research their own roles, responsibilities and relationships in Education and Training.

1 Understand the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training.

1.1 Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training:

You can consider some of the following points to help you write your essay:

Your role as a teacher- Engaging students and including everyone in the lesson. Why is this important?
Your role as an assessor- Ensuring that students achieve objectives/outcomes. Why is this important?
Why is it important that you make reasonable adjustments for students’ needs to help them achieve the qualification or award?

Other roles:
Instructor, coach, trainer, mentor, and lecturer.

Consider own responsibilities as a teacher within your own industry. For example, how would you manage?
    • Attendance of students
    • Reliability of assessment
    • Health and Safety
    • Behaviour in the classroom
    • Motivation of students
    • Confidentiality

1.2 Summarise key aspects...