Aed 201

Governance and Effecting Change in Schools

In order to increase internet access in the classrooms first I could contact the provider in the area to see which options are available. The best option would be to go wireless so all classrooms would benefit from the internet. After I have received the pricing I would go to the principal with the idea and pricing to see if she had any other input. I would go to her in order to not step on anyone’s toes. Once she is ok with it then the proposal would need to go to the district office, superintendent, then school board if need be to see if the school has the funding available. This is how I would try to go at it…
Dear District Office, Superintendent & School Board,
As of now our classrooms only have five computers and out of the five only one computer has internet access. With our students having textbooks which provide Web links for engaging enrichment activities, by only having one computer per classroom with internet service limits our students to advancing this learning technique as a whole class. I am asking for wireless internet to be added to each classroom no drilling or holes will be needed. The price of this service will be _________ for the equipment and __________ for monthly service. I am asking for this not only for our school but to help each child achieve at all levels possible.

First Grade Teacher
I am sure once I know the schools requirements for this kind of situation this will be a little easier to know what to ask for.

In the letter I would start with the issue and how the benefits of wireless internet will allow more of our students to have access to the internet at once.