Advertising-Success and Failure

1.1 Good Strategy Ads:
Product:                     Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


The customer winning strategies used in this Ad could be summarized as below:
 The ad seems complete in itself as it gives the complete product overview along with its features in a snapshot.
 The product is portrayed being thinner, lighter and better.
 Each feature when highlighted has a relevant background at that instance to make the customer understanding better.
 The supporting features are also highlighted in subscripts showing the exact screen resolution and the apps that could be used to support each feature.

Product:       Volkswagen Passat


The good concepts incorporated in this ad would be as under:

 The ad features a pint shaped Darth Vager (a star wars character) using force when he discovers the whole new Volkswagen Passat.
 It leverages the humour and unforgettable star wars score to create an emotional commercial depicting the ease of man with technology.
 The ad is simple to understand with no violence and misleading information.

1:2 Bad Strategy Ads

Product: Pepsi


The ad fails to have a well executed strategy due to the following reasons:

 The ad shows the rejuvenating effects of the product Pepsi yet portrays violence and daring acts which could mislead the younger generation.

 Some acts shown are thrilling but when practised in real especially by children could prove fatal.

Product: Tata Tea


The bad strategies used in this ad could be summarized as below:

 The ad highlights corruption yet promotes it creating an idea how to approach someone to bribe them.
 The spot feature highlights that the person who wants to...