Advertisement Essay

Advertisement seemingly plays an important role in our society, but ask yourself, is it really what its cracked up to be? This affair is often seen as perplexed, but truth is what we need doesn’t need to be advertised and what we want wouldn’t get many consumers without advertisement.
Source e is an excellent source of how advertisement can be seen as propaganda. Seeing how the article is explaining how ads can be subliminal presents the fact that advertisers are trying to get in your head as well as lure you to think a certain way.
Another article that exposes advertisings extensive use of propaganda through showing the tobacco industry’s tactic of advertising is source B. The tobacco industry uses the portrayal of “smoking is cool” or “everyone smokes” as means to draw in consumers, which brings us to source f, seeing how neither explanation of why you should smoke has anything with what they’re actually advertising.
Source f brings a very important point to light; the fact that advertisers advertise their products with silly or entertaining things that have nothing to do with the product as well as the position that vital things don’t need to be advertised. When watching television, you don’t ever see ads for flour, because we all know people will buy it without it being advertised. Also, when watching a funny commercial, are you really laughing at something comical about the product or an irrelevant joke?
This all brings us back to the fact that ads are subliminal forms of propaganda, and the next time you’re at the store looking at something and say “That commercial made me smile,” think about what really made you smile.