Advertisement Creation Summary

I chose scenario two because it was something I myself would be interested in and I fall into the age category the product would be targeting. For me the best way to represent a product would be to make sure I could relate to it and think about what would make me want to purchase the skin care line. The internet, social networks, and print media were best suited because it would reach a wide range of women and those women will either post or spread the information to those who haven’t seen the ad. In addition, women read magazines discussing beauty, health, and style and therefore it would be beneficial, for or example to have and ad placed in Cosmo or In Style magazine.
Advertising and Message Strategy
In advertising message strategies are considered to be the number one way of developing an effective advertisement. When developing a message strategy a person must identify the benefits, which would be appealing to a consumer. The message strategy would communicate the value and why it would benefit the consumer because consumers buy best on value and benefits. The advertisement strategy is the process of bringing the product to life as a phrase, visual, or including both of them in an electronic, television, or print media to make consumers aware of the product. The advertisement strategy should be something of meaning, make aware the value and benefits for appeal, the consumer must be able to believe in the product or service, and it is distinctive.
The advertisement and message strategy are the ying to its yang and both must work together in order for the advertisement message to work. Before doing the creative part a person must develop a message, idea or thought to encourage and promote the product to others. They complement each other by bouncing thoughts and ideas back and forth and allowing a creative process, which would not exist in normal standards.
Media convergence
Media convergence is important in today’s society because television and computers...