Ads Degrading Women

D.J Jenkins

English 1303
September 23, 2015
Ads Degrading Women: Infantilizing Seductive Affliction and Identity
In Jean Kilbourne’s “The Dangerous Ways Ads See Women,” Kilbourne analyzes how women are pictured as sex objects in ads. For many years Kilbourne have taken ads from magazines showing people across the nation on how women are imaged in the society. In this TED Talks, Jean Kilbourne is informing the audience on a serious issue that is still going on in modern day society. She uses pictures from earlier versions of this speech and compares them to more modern pictures. What Jean Kilbourne is trying to illustrate in this speech is how women are objectified and presented as sex objects, which tends to leads a society to think that it is adequate to carry out violent crimes against women. In this speech Kilbourne is pushing for the audience to educate themselves on how ads are defying women and take action to change our society.
In the beginning of Kilbourne’s speech, she states that billions of dollars are spent on advertising in the U.S. and that the average person see about 3,000 ads daily, but many people feel as if these ads do not affect them. However, these ads tells the viewer who we should be. For example, ads that are projected towards women have a powerful effect on what the perfect woman is, but that is only with computer graphics.   Kilbourne states that when advertisers focus on only a part of a woman, it tends to make a person think the woman is less of a human and by dehumanizing a woman, it is easier for someone to carry out acts of violence towards women. Another important topic that Kilbourne speaks about is the changing of a woman’s body just to sell a product. From the time a girl hit the adolescence stage, an emphasis is placed on the young girl to have the perfect skin, breast, bottoms, and bodies. All this pressure causes the self-esteem of these young girls to drop even before they have a chance to understand themselves....