Adr Clause

Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause
When working in a Learning Team, it is important that the group agrees on methods to solve disputes or conflicts. Anytime a person works on a team with other individuals, there is the possibility of conflict. It is imperative that these conflicts are solved before they escalate beyond repair. An Alternative Dispute Resolution is a tool that can be used by Learning Teams to ensure that all team members have the same understanding of team rules and policies and to create an outlet to solve any team issues.
Clear guidelines are crucial to the Learning Team’s success. Any team member who will not be in class is responsible for notifying the group as soon as possible of the absence.   Assignments are expected to be completed by the date and time as decided by the team. Each team member is expected to embrace the idea of compromise and work together to avoid conflicts.
All team members are expected to negotiate in good faith with other team members to resolve conflicts quickly and fairly. If a dispute is based upon conflicting opinions and cannot be solved civilly between the disputing team members, then all team members will vote on the desired method of continuing the project in question. Matters of personal attack or disrespect will not be tolerated and will result in immediate referral of the team member to the class’ professor. If the team is unable to reach a solution after a 48 hour period, mediation will be used to come to a settlement. Mediation will occur on a date and time that all members agree on and that all applicable members will attend. The mediation process serves as the final, binding outcome of the conflict and will be abided by the team.