At this stage, they reach puberty which happens between 12-13 years of age for boys. The time at which puberty is reached is dependent on hereditary factors, diet, and exercise. The hormones begin to change and affect the way that they behave. The voice then becomes deeper and the Adams apple becomes enlarged. The reproductive system also begins to develop. The testes begin to produce the hormone testosterone and the testes increase gradually until sexual maturation is met. Facial hair begins to grow, normally in the form of a mostache and pubic and hair in the armpits also begins to grow. Mikisa   was able to reach puberty at 13 which is the normal time due to eating the proper diet and doing physical education at school.

Their ability to concentrate and pay attention increases and so dose their   ability to memorise things. They tend to be more wise in so far as making life changing decisions. Mikisa was able to clearly identify what he wanted to do for a living in terms of occupation and was aware that he needed to work hard at school in order to achieve his dreams.
Boys with a good body image tend to be more confident, secure and independent. Mikisa lacked in self -confidence as he was very thin and short in stature which was due to genetics and as a result was a target of bullies at school before the age of 16 years.
At this stage boys tend to be more self-aware about how they are perceived by other people as individuals. Mikisa was ashamed that he was an asylum seeker from a poor background hence, he spent most of his time being subdued and shunned himself away from any female company or attention. Mikisa’s lacked a sense of belonging when he came to this country and as a result succumbed to peer pressure that influenced him into staying out late at night and drinking alcohol.
At this stage, one is able to vote, work starting from the age of 14-16 with limitations with regards to the hours that one...