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RUNNING HEAD:   Politics and Policy in the Prison System

Politics and Policy in the Prison System

      July 30, 2010


Politics vs. Policy
The importance of combining confinement with rehabilitation can be documented by the reduction of recidivism rates within a criminal justice agency as well as the prison system within the system. One must acknowledge the programs that work to reduce crime and recidivism. If the statistics are not acknowledged as an accurate depiction of current trends, the programs may become compromised and subsequently fail. In this paper, I will discuss the conflicts between political hedging and working policies within the prison system.
The governor has demanded the reduction of rehabilitation and education programs in my prison system. As director of the prisons system in my state, I have been given orders to cut the training programs that the governor deems as “mamby-pamby”. I have been given one month to send a written response outlining the implementation of tougher inmate programs and a plan for tightening security at the facilities under my jurisdiction. I do not believe that the governor has neither researched the reduction in recidivism in my jurisdiction nor has he considered the legal and moral ramifications of discontinuing the programs that have proven success rates (Peak, K. 2010).
Because the programs in the prison system have created a successful reduction in recidivism as well as brought national attention to my jurisdiction, I do not think that it would be appropriate to end any of the programs without further consideration. The first step my administration would take is to contact legislators who have worked with the prison system and share the belief that the rehabilitation programs have been shown to reduce recidivism rates and inform the legislators of the governor’s demands. I would want re-enforcements when I oppose the governor’s orders. The next step would include an outline of...