Admin Assistant for a Day

Information Manual for Administration Assistant

Administration Assistant

Logging onto computer

Main Arena computer
Open email
Open project centre – Shortcut on desktop if cannot find this type in web browser

Login for project centre
Company and password –
Password: *******

Daily Administration

Every morning prepare documentation for day file with all correspondence from previous day.

              • All Emails
              • Faxes
              • Copies of Letters
              • Correspondence including SI’s Letters and emails.

Place all correspondence from previous day file has been collated, place in day file and pass to Site manager.

All emails must be saved and attachments must be saved in the “A” drive.
              • Goto My computer
              • “S” Drive
              • Projects
              • Commercial DHW
              • In Construction
[pic]Handy tip: Shortcut on Desktop

How to save Email and or an attachment

              • Go to email and open
              • Click on file and then Save As
              • Go to A drive
              • Goto: 10_Subcontractors, Suppliers, Consultants. (See list on next page)
              • Goto folder, ie 10.1 Subcontractors
              • Find subcontractor you require
              • Open correspondence
              • If there is an attachment create new folder using the following format – 100924_What_the_tiltle_is always use year month day.

Project Control

                  • Open every morning and keep open all day.
                  • In activities, notifications and hotlist view all items and print off required documents.
                  • Quick launch on desktop


            ❖ The blue I icon indicates information only

            ❖ The spanner indicates that this is a task needing attention by you. In the example above this is a Transmittal of plans to be distributed....