Child and young person`s development

Q1) To `holistic` development and describe expected patterns of development and what this means.
  * Physical development
  * Emotional and social and Behavioural development.
  * Intellectual development and learning
All children are unique and develop at their own pace. If children suffer from poor health or physical disability impairment, this may also limit their development opportunity and can contribute in some of the activities like other children.   This may at first affect physical development, but may also limit their social activities.   Children with many different backgrounds cultural will be influenced by so many different ways such as: religion, beliefs, friends and their families so the young children may get very emotional and upset and also they wish to share those feels amongst their family`s wishes.
Holistic development tell me about children progress overall of development of children which covers all areas of development. The following areas are
  * Physical development
  * Communication and language
  * Emotional and social and Behavioural development.
  * Intellectual development and learning
All young children and people tend to follow a development pattern.
Whilst every child is different, the way they grow and develop is quite often similar. This mean we can try to work out a different pattern for every development and from that we can pinpoint particular skills or milestone that most children can do at different age. For example, most babies learn how to crawl between the ages of 7 and 10 months and most children can talk by the age of four.

Q2)   Describe the expected pattern of development of children and young people from to 19 years.
A). Physical development- gross and fine.

0 to 6 months
  * Babies at six months have learned many different skills. They have learned to move they head to see what is going on. They like playing and show by...