Addressing the Challenges of Groups and Teams


Addressing the Challenges of Groups and Teams
University of Phoenix
Sharon Dockery

The Addressing the Challenges of Groups and Teams paper discuss the causes of the failure of Mervyns Department Stores. The challenges and benefits that a team may experience are explained. The importance of team building, communication, collaboration, and conflict management are using to develop a training program for team members. The training program describes how the plan can successfully perform in the business and how the plan can assist Mervyns in succeeding instead of failing. Distinctive challenges are addressed in the training program and implemented in this paper. Methods to apply the training program to develop the Mervyns are implemented. The unique challenges the plan can address for the business is described in this paper.

Addressing the Challenges of Groups and Teams
Mervyns Retail Chain
Mervyns was a chain of department stores that sold brand name clothing, footwear, beauty products, jewelry, household goods, furniture, and electronics. Mervyns was successful in the suburban area, and became unsuccessful in the large shopping malls. Founder Mervin Morris created a profitable business in the San Lorenzo village from the 1950s to the 1960s. He abandoned the marketing strategy in order to expand the business. When sales begin to decrease, Morris sold the business to Target Corporation whom placed the stores in the large shopping malls. As the business continued to fall short, Sun Capital Partners, Cerberus Capital Management, and Lubert-Adler acquired the retail chain from Target Corporation. The private investment firms divided the company into two segments, the real estate sector and the retail sector. Mervyns’ real estate sector overcharged the retail sector rent for store space. The firm forcefully took over Mervyns and the company’s real estate assets, which forced the business into...