Sports industry benefits from brands by wearing certain brand’s clothes when athletes are practising and having matchesThe “branding war” between Nike and Adidas is an good example. In order to keep its place as the Germany’s national soccer team’s main sponsor, which is believed to be the nation’s top brand, Adidas has to sponsor more money, under the pressure of its competing brand: Nike, which announced to offer $63 million every year while Adidas only offer $14 per year. These money can be uesd to give young athlets assistance and improve soccer equipments so that the whole society will benefit from it. As a result, most fans do not mind the chang from Adidas to Nike.
Nike challenges Adidas on its own turf
American company looks to cash in and kick-out German soccer sponsorship
Nike is looking to take over Adidas' traditional, and   lucrative, role as the official sponsor of the German national soccer team.
FRANKFURT, Germany - Since 1954, Germany's national soccer team has been wearing shoes from what is considered to be the nation's top brand: Adidas.
But now, American sneaker manufacturer Nike has stepped in to challenge the German company in its own backyard in a bid to become the main sponsor for Germany's national soccer team starting in 2011.
German media has called it "the battle of the jersey giants" — a fight for money, image and traditions.
regotiations between Germany's Soccer Federation and Adidas stalled after Nike offered nearly $63 million annually versus Adidas’ existing contract that amounts to $14 million annually. Adidas has yet to offer a counter bid, but the field seems to be set for a shoot-out between the battling sportswear giants.
Adidas knows possibly better than any other leading sports utility firm that it means big business to be part of the team in the number one national sport.
Lucrative deal
The 2006 Soccer World Championship in Germany is a prime example of what soccer...

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