E4, research task.
Unit 3

Food and Safety Act 1990.

The food and safety act 1990 is that it sets the criteria about food and that it should not be in any way harmful to health. The act also provides for the control of food storage and labelling requirements.
The setting would meet the above criteria by ensuring the food is purchased from a relevant source which is known, used and recommended by the government.   The work surfaces should always be disinfected to ensure the food surfaces, are free from any type of contamination. However the cleaning products should always be out of children’s reach and access.

The Children Act 1989.

The children act 1989 is that it is designed to help keep a child safe and well and, if necessary, help the child to live with their family by providing services appropriate to the child’s needs. The setting would meet the above criteria by ensuring that the children’s parents are allowed into the setting. The information could also be met by ensuring that the child’s individual needs are met by ensuring any allergies, disabilities, ect, are taken into account. This will give the child a sense of well-being and security.

Control of Substance Hazardous to Health COSHH 1988.

COSHH is that this is about all the harmful substances that you may come into contact with when working within your setting. This regulation has been put into action to reduce occupational ill-health by setting out a way of controlling hazardous substances. The setting would meet the above criteria by ensuring all hazardous chemicals such as cleaning products are kept out of the way of children. Dust is also dangerous as you are breathing in unwanted toxins this is prevented by ensuring that the setting is hovered and cleaned every-day if possible.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Health and Safety at work act 1974 is that this is to ensure that all people within the setting are protected from any dangers, keeping and preventing the...