Active Shooter

Writing Sample #1
The Active Shooter Presentation helped me view things very differently on how to react if an active shooter situation occurs. I learned that it takes a team effort to keep situations such as the columbine from getting worse. I also learned that even though the instructor was harsh about the things he told us, it was the truth which increased my safety rate in a active shooter situation.
On Monday September 20, 2010 at 3:00 pm, I attended the active shooter presentation. The presentation was short, but provided enough information for everyone to get the point and understand how we can keep something like that from happening at ASU. I’m pretty sure that when the instructor showed us the video of the columbine it grabbed everyone’s attention. After it grabbed our attention it kind of scared us, or we were in shock. The video was harsh, but it was needed to help us understand that it can happen anywhere. The instructor gave us tips afterwards and showed us a demonstration video that was also helpful.
My opinion/reaction to the presentation was that it was much needed, but the video shocked and scared me a little. The instructor that presented to the presentation was very up front about what could happen. Although we didn’t want to hear or may not have understood why he told us to do certain things, it was helpful, and supposed to help us survive, or at least save others. I liked the fact that he showed us the videos because it opened my eyes and made me realize that something such as that can happen to me, so how can I prevent this. I did not like the way he explained things. I understand that they were true, but you don’t have to scare us. The presentation increased my feeling safety on campus, because I know that most people saw the video and know what to do if the situation occurs and knows that it takes a team effort.
In conclusion, I learned how to react when there is an active shooter. I feel safer knowing that others know how to handle...