Across the Nightinagle Floor

A little Shakespearean tragedy within a Japanese setting makes for a plenty of intrigue. in terms of the main older charactors Shigeru & Maryuama are caught in between a 10 year secret affair with each other. regarding their parallelity L.Maruyama was a powerful woman who dominated the land of Western domain that was rich in natural resources so much so Shigeru also possessed power in his hands. Both were equally doomed and had the same blend of feelings for each other but never did their faces give anything away. Their affair was intolerable for both & longed for each other's presence having sustained by the barest grains of memories. they shared a time in a place of cultural trappings where decisions were made through tension. unfortunately they both were misguided by treachery & rivalry. both were powerful inspite of fame and inheritance but failed to seek power in being together for love.

they were star crossed loves & however made choices to fulfil their destiny by personal sacrifices placing their trust for the good of the younger generation; the second lead charactors, Kaede-Takeo.

Just as thier ancestors the two protagonists' fate was bound on desire, revenge and death. the doomed L.Maruyama jinxed Kaede in general riding her into a patriarchic society. Takeo & Kaede's drive for inner strength motivated them to be impetuous in a time of cultural trappings. in dealing with the main theme, love, Kaede and Takeo fall in love during their first meeting. both share an equal level in special gifts of talents. for eg. Kaede in sword fighting and Takeo inherits Kikuta skills. however both of them didnot show what they were capable until they were discovered and kept under dark parentage.

the two young lives were found and plucked from childhood and enforced to give themselves away as pawns in political schemes polluted by treacherous warlords and honor killing. their bodies matures to share a love that cant be reached. they longed for each other's company...