My summer internship training (SIP) experience has been filled with interesting challenges and people that I will appreciate forever; numerous people have contributed in varying capacities which permitted completion of this project.
I would like to begin by thanking Mr Zubin Rashid (Senior Trainer and Founder of ZRINDIA ENTERPRISES), Manish Bengani (Mentor & Consultant in Behavioural Training) and Jaideep Chakrabarty (Consultant in Behavioural Training ) for their guidance, constant inspiration & keen interest shown during the project, and guide me towards selecting the project which is going to help me in long run in my career. I deliberate my profound sense of gratitude to them. I owe my thanks to my faculty guide Ms Nilanjana Sinha, for guidance and inspiration and constant help in improving my way of presenting my work. It is not a single man’s effort which is sufficient for the accomplishment of a Research. Various factors, situations and persons integrate to provide the background for accomplishment of a task requires the effort of so many people and the work is no different. In the chain I am immensely thankful and convey my sincere gratitude to Ms Anisha Tripathi (HR & Head of Instructional Design) for her guidance & solving my queries very patiently. She helped me in learning in-depth understanding of structure and functions of the organization and analysis of the learning need of the organization through soft skills. She guided me by her own experience.
I owe my sincere gratitude to all the members with whom i have worked/interacted and whose thoughts and insights helped me in increasing my knowledge and understanding my project and all the members of ZRINDIA ENTERPRISES who have made my stay in ZRINDIA most fruitful and a learning experience..
I also sincerely thank to my NSHM teachers and the placement cell for allowing me to take up the Internship in ZRINDIA ENTERPRISES.