Achieving Excellence

Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence
Achieving and maintaining individual excellence comes with life’s challenges along the way. Without these challenges some accomplishments would not be worth getting to. I have lived by the phrase “What does not kill you makes you stronger” and “God will not put more on your plate than you can handle”.   My goal for the past few years has been to receive my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management/Human Services. It has taken five years to get where I am today in my education and have four classes left and has had many obstacles along the way.
Right now I am currently working part-time caring for an elderly woman, so I am seeing the side of human services of the elderly. I work closely with her physicians and CNA’s on a daily basis and have recently had my take on Medicare and Medicaid for her which has proven to be frustrating.  
Managing the Environment
I do not have much of a work environment because I work out of her home and take care of her business by phone or email. In an organization environment there needs to be structure and positive leadership. With structure an organization can plan how to operate services. While working in the school system managing the environment takes every staff member to make it work. The principal is like the manager he or she has to maintain composure and a positive attitude to get their teachers and supporting staff to keep students motivated and create innovative ideas to keep students involved in their education. Each year goals and objectives are created and expected to be met by the end of the school year. Throughout the year meetings are held along with training sessions to focus on the learning ability of students and give teachers a fresh outlook on the objectives and goals for the year and to see the progress met.
Financial Management

These training sessions and in-service hours that are required throughout the year is the responsibility of the staff...