AC2101 Accounting II
The Pizza Shoppe Project

The project is due in week 11 and you should submit a hard copy of the group project to your tutor. Each project group should have no more than 4 students. A five-student project group may be formed only when there are five students left after all other students in the tutorial class have been organized into groups.  

The cost data of the project is stored in Excel format in another file. You are required to analyze the behavior of each cost, identifying variable cost per Pizza meal and fixed cost per month by cost category. To complete this, you will first plot each cost against number of Pizza meals sold in the past twelve months to gain a preliminary understanding of the cost behavior. Second, you are required to use regression analysis to identify variable cost per meal and fixed cost per month for each cost category. You can use the Regression function under Data Analysis Tool Box of Excel to perform the regression analysis. Before that, you have to add-in the Data Analysis Tool Box.   Third, you should check the reasonableness of your regression results. In situations where the cost should not contain a variable component (pure fixed cost) or fixed component (pure variable cost), you will determine the fixed cost per month or variable cost per unit by using alternative methods. Finally, when all costs have been classified into either fixed or variable components, you will enter the cost information in the attached table and provide a brief comment on the cost analysis results for each cost category.  

Keep all your regression results and cost analysis results to 3 decimal places.

Cost Category | Regression Results | Cost Analysis Results |
| Interceptcoefficient | X1(slope)coefficient | R-square | | Fixed Cost per month | Variable Cost per meal |
Ingredients | 349.483 | 34.938 | 1.000 | | -230 | 35.023 |
Salaries & Wages | 26377...