Evidence Record
Purpose: to record learner evidence against a range of assessment methods
Learner name Nicole Treanor |
Assessor name Tracy Hall |

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Diversity means difference. Even thorough many people have things in common but they are different and unique in many other ways. In my setting there is a mix race culture so we make sure that ours signs have different languages this is so everyone can read them.   Equality this means that we must treat everyone in away that is going to meet there needs. To do this we have the children spilt into three groups and each group will learn the same things but at there own pace. For example the table had to draw things beginning with 'P' where as the yellow table had to cut out and stick in pictures beginning with 'p'. Inclusion is about equal opportunities for everyone no matter of background, age or gender. In my setting we will make sure that everyone is included in all activities such as sports day or even Christmas plays.Diversity is being different, being diverse, having unlikeness, and maybe having a variety of things and a point of difference.Equality to me this means that everyone has the same right as another.Inclusion this means that everyone is included in all activities, discussions and play time. in my setting we make sure that we treat all families equal as this may bring a positive impact on a child because they will see that there family is being respected this will also help rise a child's self esteem. We also help promote different cultures and religions by teaching all pupils about different culture and traditional. We also make sure that each child’s work is...