Internal control and accounting systems
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Content page and report outline
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Terms of reference
Executive summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Analysis and evaluation of current system
2.1 Reviewing and evaluating accounting system
2.2 Conduct an ethical evaluation of the accounting systems
2.3 Conduct a sustainability evaluation of the accounting systems
3.0 Identifying weaknesses and making recommendations for improvement
4.0 Cost-Benefit analysis
I. Appendix 1: Cost-Benefit analysis
II. Appendix 1: Organization Chart
III. Appendix 1: SWOT Analysis

Terms of reference
The terms of reference of this document is to examine the current responsibilities of the internal control procedures versus the accounting systems as an obligation to detect and report the ever dynamic financial frauds that continue to dominate the integrated and contemporary commercial world. This document covers the academic demands of level four ISYS as a unit in accordance with the AAT accounting qualifications. In extension, the report critically reviews the Chic Paints limited especially its degree of commitment towards sustainability and equally highlights any possible issues are ethical in nature and prevails in the current commercial world. Finally, this report examines the matters surrounding the standards that are eminent in the Chic paints limited as well as the accounting practices thereby suggesting recommendations to assist arrest the situation.

Executive summary
This report addresses various internal control guidelines in light of the accounting systems that Chic Paints ltd organization uses especially when preparing its financial statements. In the first section, the document presents an analysis of the role taken by the accounting department within the Chic Paints ltd organization. Here, matters surrounding the...