Global Operations
Unit 3 Individual Project
BUS610: Economics for the Global Manager
Project Type: Unit 3 Individual Project
July 22, 2012

                                                            Global Activities
In 1958, founded in South Korea was the LG Corporation, Inc which was originally named Gold Star.   It was until the 1960’s when Gold Star made its first refrigerators, televisions, air conditions and washing machines. In the late 1960’s LG explored overseas and decided to exploit their products internationally by putting their first international office in New York. Sock Exchange had Gold Star listed by 1970.Gold Star had grown to become a billion dollar company at a fast past. In 1977 they had recorded hundred billion dollars in sales; and when the 1980’s kicked in they were global subsidiary in Thailand, Mexico, England and the United States. Progressively Gold Star was growing in quantity and quality, and began claiming rank as a leading worldwide industry (, 2010).
In the mid 1990’s the World Trade Organization or known as the WTO was created, at that time the WTO was going through a transformation. With these transformations Gold Star quickly responded with referendums, they changed their name and their mission statement. Gold Star was the leading company in the electronic industry for thirty-seven years; they changed their name to LG Electronics, Inc and begin their new era. LG Corporation established major growth and extended out by acquiring Zenith Electronics Corporation. Zenith during that time was the main home appliance manufacture in the United States.   By 1997, LG had situated itself amid the world's top three air-conditioning suppliers, and was now gallantly advancing near a 'Global LG' enterprise (, 2010).
Even in today’s world with the fast growing technology LG Corporation has grew to be a true international leader. It is the largest producer in electronics in the world ranking in the top three in...