Some of the most important strategies to manage the sales team and increase sales would be to: Understand Sales Personality Types, Determining Your Company’s Business Life Cycle, Matching Business Life Cycle with Personality Types, Types of Sales Team Positions, and to utilize the Sales Team Model. The first strategy would be for management to be able to understand their sales teams by recognizing what each of their personality types are. Management can offer its sales team employees an inventory assessment in order to determine each member’s personality type in relation to the car sales industry. The next strategy would be to determine the Company’s Business life cycle and how successful it has been in terms of sales within the last six months.
Once Management has analyzed the Company’s Business Life Cycle and determined the Personality Types of its Sales Employees, they are able to match the employees. The following strategy would be to place each employee into the proper Sales Team Position. For example if you have an employee that is not very fluent in English, however is very knowledgeable in the car business and is very experienced utilizing the internet, then that employee may fit into the Internet Sales Position rather than a Lead Sales Position. The final strategy would be to incorporate the Sales Team Model which would entail one of the Showroom Greeters to refer a customer to one of the Sales Team Members in a Chronological order. This would prevent either of the Team Members to feel cheated in any way because each Sales Team Member would each have an equal opportunity at a customer.
Work Schedules