Accounting Information Systems

Accounting Information Systems
Greta Hill
XACC/210-Accounting Information Systems
October 18, 2015
Gregory Crary

Riordan Manufacturing currently has three different operating locations which must be a very difficult time trying to collect all the data that comes from its Finance and Accounting departments.   All of the operating locations have different kinds of information systems, which could be challenging for Riordan Manufacturing maintaining the data received from each of them.   Riordan Manufacturing has manufacturing locations in Pontiac, Michigan and another one in Albany, Georgia which supplies information to San Jose, California where the corporate headquarters are located.   Riordan Manufacturing also has an enterprise in the People’s Republic of China.   The manufacturing site in Pontiac, Michigan makes customer plastic parts.   The manufacturing site in Albany, Georgia produces plastic beverage containers.   The manufacturing site in Hangzhou, China manufactures plastic fan parts.   The quality of the information system used in Hangzhou, China was not mentioned on the company’s Intranet site.   The corporate headquarters has a license for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software application that is fully intact and Windows based.   The software application was created for the plastics processors and building manufacturers.   The license in San Jose, California location does not have the application source code.   Therefore, there is no way to tweak the software application.   The Pontiac, Michigan location invested in a vendor developed software application.   The vendor for the system in Pontiac, Michigan location is no longer in business.   Since the system application developer is no longer in business it leaves no access to updates or troubleshooting.   According to the company’s Intranet site, the application runs on a pair of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Alpha microprocessors, employing the VMS operating system, VAX4000 work stations and...