Assignment 1

Reflective account

in my job role as Deputy/acting manager at Dunniwood Lodge I have a full range of responsibilities such as ensuring that there are sufficient staff on each shift and I also monitor and supervise each   staff member and the standards of care that the deliver. In this I also carry out supervision and appraisal sessions with each individual staff member which reflects on there performance and if there is anything within there job role that they can achieve and improve on. Within this session training is also covered and each individual is asked if there is any aspect of their training requirements that they feel they may require a little support on and with this I am able to arrange training sessions to ensure that each individual staff member is able to carry out their job role with confidence and support, if required a follow up meeting will be carried out to see if any improvement has been met.
New staff members are also receive sufficient induction training including fire procedures infection control health and safety and moving and handling. The care plans for each individual are also part of the induction training as well as policies and procedures and each new staff member are asked to read as many of these as possible within there induction training. Whilst each individual are within there induction period the individual is also monitored to determine if they require an extension to there induction.
As at present I am also acting manager I have in recent months carried out interviews for potential new staff members and in the interview process I carry out and obtain an Enhanced CRB disclosure
check and ISA vetting clearance and once I have received this information I read through the notes made in interview and then determine if the applicant has been successful.
Also in my job role I complete care plans on admission and also update these when required I always write an individuals care plan as person centred as I...