It was an afternoon and sunny. 1500 km long way from one lovely town on the east of Slovakia to Netherlands. Friday the 13th. Somebody can say it was the worst day to travel, but for me was just an ordinary day. I and my friend got the opportunity to work abroad. So we got in the van, which belonged to one transport company. I sat on the back   in the last row seat. The seat was adjustable, so I set the lowest possible position, it was almost like in a bed. Our journey began and we were talking about our life. After a few stops and rests the driver-a man, was replaced by his blonde partner.
It was just an hour to midnight, about the scariest day of the year we even did not mind. Tiredness began to conquer us and we did not even realize it, at that moment, we fell asleep. I did not know why, maybe our sixth sence, maybe some etheric power, or an angel woke up us so we started to chat to each other again. Just 15 minutes to the midnight. Our seatbelts on our back seats are useless in the position which we adjusted our seats. So, we did not use them on that time. But after   next few minutes, I will never do it again for the rest of my life. Our route which we were on was on the motorway mostly. Constant high speed and almost empty road makes drivers less concentrate and they started to be drowsy. It was our case too. In just a split second you realize that something goes wrong and the driver lost control on his vehicle, in which you are. Only quick reaction could save our lives. I knew that I did not wear a seatbelt.
Than it came.... first jump, it was a curb on the side of the road hit by the wheals of our van. I felt all-out helplessness. The second jump, my head thrashed into the roof, then followed by a long scratchy skid. It took just a few seconds, your time is your enemy there. I had as an unsecured object inside of the van, only those few seconds to try to catch the seat in front of me to reduce the risk of insure myself in a...